OCS Coffee Vending Line


Arabica Top

The Arabica Top Selection is made up of quality Arabica from South Americans such as Guatemala and Brazil, which give intensity and aromatic taste at the same time in the cup. It is a soft coffee with a spicy taste, its medium body can be tasted at any time of the day.

In packs of 15 pods and 100 pods.


Crema Bar Selection

Crema Bar Selection is distinguished by its body, the strong intensity of the taste, the presence of Indian Robusta gives a persistent aftertaste of cocoa and caramel and a good creamy texture in the cup.

In packs of 15 pods and 100 pods.


Decaffeinated Arabica Selection

The selection decaffeinated Arabica, maintains the creaminess of an espresso and delicate even in the absence of caffeine.

In packs of 15 pods and 100 pods.


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